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Parkade Power Scrubbing Services

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Calgary Parkade Power Scrubbing

Experience Clean Sweep's Complete Power Scrubbing Services

Let Us Help You Keep Up Your Clean Image

At Clean Sweep, we know power scrubbing, especially for the messiest, dirtiest, and sloppiest parkades. No matter what time of year, our parkade power scrubbing services can become a reliable and cost-effective part of your ongoing parkade maintenance.

What Are the Benefits?

By doing regular power scrubbing of your businesses parkade, you send a message to your customers that you are clean, professional and courteous. This means more revenue, increased customers and safe parking for cars and pedestrians. For both indoor and outdoor parkades, we offer cleaning and power scrubbing services to Alberta’s property managers and business owners.

We keep getting clean green. We monitor all aspects of our cleaning operations to ensure no additional chemicals or cleaners are being added to the water supply. It's just another reason why Calgary chooses Clean Sweep.

Our ride-on power scrubbers are the ultimate in high-performance and innovation. Capable of both sweeping and scrubbing, our Advance Condor XL power scrubbers are efficient, customizable and best of all, environmentally friendly.

How Does It Work?

Our power scrubber first applies a cleaning solution, then agitates the floor surface with cylindrical brushes to loosen and pull up the dirt. Then, it recovers the dirty wash water, all in a single pass. This method of floor cleaning uses less water, and when combined with the use of pressure washers, provides an excellent cleaning solution.

The ride-on power scrubber is perfect for cleaning...
Clean Sweep also offers parkade power sweeping services in Calgary for:
  • Indoor / Underground Parking Lots
  • Warehouse and Storage Facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels, Banquet Halls, and Conference Centre Parkades
  • Schools, Universities, and College Parking Lots
  • Municipal Parking Lots
  • Condominiums and Apartment Building Parking Areas

Seasonal, monthly, or weekly Power Scrubbing

We will be happy to give you a quote for a Power Scrubbing schedule that works best for your property. Whether you need seasonal, monthly, or weekly Scrubbing, we can put together a regularly scheduled program that's right for you. Complete annual or seasonal maintenance programs are also available upon request.

For cleanliness and safety, choose Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service and let us maintain your parking lot's appeal while prolonging the life of your asphalt, membrane, and pavement.

Customer satisfaction is our commitment.
Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service

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