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Parking Lot New Layouts

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Calgary Parking Lot New Layouts

Creating Beautiful New Parking Lot Layouts for Over 10 Years

Does Your Parking Lot Need Some Direction?

Let Clean Sweep guide you in creating a functional and beautiful new parking lot layout for your employees and customers. Our equipment is top of the industry and our dedication to quality is second to none.

Bring Your Old Parking Lot Back to Life

Fresh painted lines will make your parking lot more functional for customers and will make their experience with your business better without knowing it. Having newly painted lines or directional symbols will ensure drivers will navigate your property without issue while enhancing the look of your business.

Why Calgary Chooses Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service can provide many types of parking lot marking such as Line Painting/Striping and Stenciling. We have experience with a wide variety of parking properties, from underground parking garages and parkades, to large outdoor parking areas. Our customers include hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, restaurants, and municipal parking lots. We use high quality line painting equipment and paints to ensure the best possible results for our customers.

You can call us with any type of line painting and parking markings project from re-striping an existing parking lot to applying lines and pavement markings to a newly paved parking facility.

Our Line Painting and Pavement Marking services also include:
  • Parking lot line painting and retracing
  • Removal of previous markings (blacking out)
  • Parking lot number and letter stenciling
  • Crosshatching
  • Handicap parking symbols
  • Curb painting
  • Painting speed bumps
  • Painting crosswalk lines
  • Directional traffic arrows and stop lines
  • Stop Bars
  • Other specialty symbols and markings
  • Parking lot pillars or post painting
  • Parking and traffic sign installation
  • Warehouse floor striping

Contact us today for a quote on any type of Line Painting and Pavement Marking projects. From re-striping an existing parking lot, to applying lines and pavement markings to a newly paved parking facility. Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service is your one-call service provider.

Customer satisfaction is our commitment.
Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service

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