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should we have the parkade cleaned regularly when it will just get dirty again right away?

  • Dirt carried by snow melt will; over time, reduce the drainage capacity of floor drains and eventually clog them. This could result in costly cleaning by a vacuum truck and potential repair costs.
  • The dirt found in parkades is considered "contaminated" by the Province of Alberta and prolonged exposure to the dust is known to be unhealthy.
  • Parkades are very dry environments, and the moist dirt brought in by vehicles quickly looses it's moisture allowing dust to be stirred up from the movement of vehicles (or even pedestrians). This dust will coat everything in the parkade and cause gas, fire and other sensors to malfunction over time. In extreme cases, this buildup can prematurely set off an alarm or cause it to fail completely. This dust can also be very hard on the air makeup unit, garage door mechanisms, and elevator components in a parkade. This could mean more expensive service calls. Dirt from excessively dirty parkades is tracked throughout the building, increasing janitorial expenses, and significantly reducing the lifespan of carpets and flooring.
  • Salt, dirt, and gravel will wear down membranes on multi-tiered parkades requiring high repair or replacement costs. Road salt and gravel can also wear down concrete over time if not cleaned properly. Many buildings are cleaned monthly during the winter, depending on vehicle traffic.

What do you mean by "contaminated"?

How often should we have the parkade cleaned?

Is it possible to clean just drive lanes?

Can I schedule a Line Striping/Painting and Power Scrubbing together?

Why do more parkade Sweeps equal less cost per visit on your quote. Are we getting a volume deal?

What is "Line Striping/Painting" and why must it be done after a cleaning?

Why do you have a call back charge to come back and paint one line?

What is "Power Scrubbing" and why must a Power Sweeping be done first?

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What does a Warehouse Cleaning entail?

My Parkade/Warehouse floor is very pitted and in rough shape. Can you still clean it?

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