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  • Over 4 Million Sq. Ft. Cleaned Monthly in Calgary
    Keeping Calgary Clean
    For Over a Decade

    Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service provides top quality service in all areas of
    Parkade, Parking Lot, and Warehouse Maintenance.

Welcome to Clean Sweep Parking Lot Service

Calgary's #1 Parkade Service Experts For Over a Decade

Parkade Services

We provide a wide range of parkade services, including power sweeping, scrubbing and washing, as well as cleaning and painting services.

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Parking Lot Services

From existing to brand new, we can wash and create new parking lots in a variety of layouts. Both indoor and outdoor, as well as underground.

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Warehouse Services

Restore warehouse flooring to original condition with our sweeping, scrubbing and striping services. Restoration also available.

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Parkade Cleansweep Services

Clean Sweep Parkade Services are an industry leader in Commercial and Residential Parking Lot, Parkade, and Warehouse cleaning throughout Calgary & Alberta.

  • Power Sweeping

    Regular Power Sweeping of your parking lot could mean more revenue to your business, because a well maintained parking lot is key to attracting customers. To help keep your property clean and safe, we offer complete indoor and outdoor parking lot cleaning and Power Sweeping services to Alberta's property managers and business owners.

    Seasonal, Monthly, or Weekly Power Sweeping Services.

  • Power Scrubbing

    You can prolong your pavement and floor coating's life, and keep your property looking beautiful and safe by using our Power Scrubbing service. Our method of floor cleaning uses less water, and when combined with the use of pressure washers, provides an excellent cleaning solution.

    Let Us Help You Keep Up Your Clean Image.

  • Power Washing

    Power Washing services can really help to clean those hard to reach areas that most cleaning machines can not access. Whether it is hard to reach corners, steep ramps, sidewalks, or curbs, we have the latest and greatest equipment to help clean those areas and give your entire parkade a fresh, clean look.

    We Put The Pressure On... So You Don't Have To!

  • Line Painting

    Instantly Enhance Your Property's Image With Freshly Painted Parking Lines. We use high quality line painting equipment and paints to ensure the best possible results for our customers.

    Instantly Enhance Your Property's Image With Freshly Painted Parking Lines

  • Rentals

    Got a job that needs serious equipment? Explore our parkade and parking lot rentals. Sweepers and scrubbers are available from top industry brands, expertly maintained and in great condition.

    Get your parkade or parking lot rentals today!

  • Pipe Cleaning

    Our Pipe Cleaning services can become a reliable and cost-effective part of your ongoing maintenance schedule. We have the equipment, experience, and flexibility to meet your needs.

    Clean Pipes Can Help Bring That Extra Shine To Your Parkade.

Clean Sweep - In Action!

We understand that each business's needs are different. That is why we customize each contract to offer you the best service and value. We offer cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time service basis. One call does it all.

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